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As business people, we fully understand everyone’s desire to get a bargain. It is our hope that you will consider doing business with us to be great bargain, despite the fact that quality tax and financial services are never going to be cheap. We hope that you will consider the day you found and started working with us to be one of the most important days of your life because you have found someone you can trust to guide you well through your financial journey.

Our services encompass nearly everything to do with your financial needs so that you now have one place you can come to for overall planning and implementation of successful strategies. Pricing for our services is based on our skill and expertise, and the complexity of what we are doing for you.

Since nearly everyone needs to file tax returns, you will most likely be using our tax preparation services. Our minimum fee for preparation of individual returns is $400. This fee increases based on the complexity of the return, typically adding $125 or more with the addition of each major tax schedule. For example, an individual return with itemized deductions, a rental property, and significant portfolio activity may cost $800 or more. Generally, the more complex your return, the more valuable we are to you.

Preparation costs for entity returns such as corporations, LLCs, partnerships, nonprofit organizations, trusts and estates begin at $1,300, and increase based on the operational and financial complexity of the organization.

All our tax clients have access to year-round consultation on the full range of financial services that we provide, and are encouraged to talk to us about any significant financial matters. For in-depth consultations on special circumstances and complex strategies, our hourly fee is $400. These kinds of discussions can sometimes save our clients tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our accounting services are priced according to the nature of each engagement. A typical accounting engagement, including financial planning, bookkeeping, and payroll services, starts at $800 per quarter, but may be significantly more depending on the complexity and volume of the work involved.

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